Change Log #5

2019-08-17 04:46

-Fix Trans HP (1.5m atm).
-Lottery Scroll price is now gold.
-Added Academy graduate scroll.
-Disabled Academy invitation.
-Added 100M gold coin in the shop.
-Added New Devil s garden dungeon.
-Added Remis/Romulus/Murder in Devil s Garden.
-Added Survival/Madness Arena
-Improved BattleArena/Job Temple/Events timer.
-Improved HWT drop (Begin./Inter./Adv.) now.
-Fixed FGW drop by grades.
-Improved FGW Ghost sereness Drop.
-Added Giant Overlord new Unique. (Check website)
-Improved Achievements to delete the buffs at the update.
-Changed job system. You will have to say Trade to BOT system for the golds.
-Added PC HWID limit for Job/FW (1 character)
-Changed DRX weapon prices to Arena Coin + Gold coins
-Job Unique is now Isis only drop 1 Egypt A set part.
-Improved Teleport screens.
-Improved Server Website.
-Improved Server stability.
-Added HWT PC limit
(you cannot enter with more than 1 char).


Job temple (Isis)

Battle Arena (Random)
-03:00 PM
-06:00 PM
-09:00 PM
-01:00 AM

Battle Arena (Party)
-05:00 PM
-08:00 PM

Survival Arena
-02:00 PM
-12:00 PM

Madness Arena
-10:00 PM

Battle Arena

Win: 50 Arena coin
Lose: 25 Arena coin

Change Log #4

2019-08-13 15:52

-Titan now spawns 3 times/day.
-Fixed Trans potions.
-Fixed some bugs, sorry for the abusers <3
-Fixed FGW drop.
-Increased HWT drop.
-HWT Advance only has drop.
-Fixed all skills [Under Test].
-FGW minimum level is now 140.

Change Log #3

2019-08-13 15:51

1-Add Immortal and Astral to the Item mall.
2-Fix Premium rates 15% now.
3-Fix FGW enter level.
4-Add lv138 monsters at Asia minor.
5-Increased stone drop rate.
6-Fix Quests Reward [Scroll gives DP now]
7-Added Lottery coin in the shop for Trade coin.
8-Added Trade gives Trade coin
9-Fix Fortress war and FW register.
10-Deleted awaken items from all players.
11-Deleted Awaken card drop.
12-Fix HWT Intermediate/Advance.
13-Fixed Lucky/Steady stones success rate.
14-Fixed Gender switch final works to D14 now.
15-Increased Premium usage  (Res/Return/Reverse) [Under Test].
16-Items D12 in the Shop is now Full blue +10
17-Battle Arena Random is now enabled.
18-Improved server stability.

Change Log #2

2019-08-13 15:50

-Disabled CTF message.
-Increased EXP rate.
-Added D14 stones drop.
-Added D12/D13/D14 Powders in Samarkand Gerocery.
-Added Job Trans in Samarkand Stable.
-Added Unique Ranking in the Site.
-Deleted Jangan teleport.
-All D14 moon/sun items is deleted.
-Chinese is 4 mastery now.
-Enabled Buffs
-Fixed Ch & Eu Res skill to lv140
-Added New Shop in Alexandria North For items D12
-Inventory is Now 3 pages instead of one.

Change Log #1

2019-08-13 15:49

-Increased EXP Rate.
-Increased Party EXP rate.
-Fixed Login mission for all.
-Fixed Player counter in the site.

Server Info

    • Players Online: 3 / 1000
    • Supporters Online: 0 / 4

  • Cap: 140
  • Degree: 14
  • Race: CH/EU
  • Guild Limit: 24
  • Union Limit: 2
  • Max Plus: 20
  • Fortress: Const / Bandit
  • BattleArena: Enabled
  • CTF: Enabled
  • Free Bot: sBot/mBot
  • Server Files: vsro v1.188
  • Server Type: PVE
  • Trade: New System


  • Servertime: 10:36:54
  • Battle Arena:
  • Medusa:
  • Fortresswar:
  • Register: Everyday


Last 10 Unique Kills

  • Uncle_Hany has killed Cerberus Titan 13 days ago

  • Uncle_Hany has killed Cerberus Titan 13 days ago

  • Uncle_Hany has killed Cerberus Titan 13 days ago

  • Uncle_Hany has killed Cerberus Titan 13 days ago

  • Uncle_Hany has killed Cerberus Titan 13 days ago

  • Vodka has killed Khulood 13 days ago

  • SeBy has killed Tiger Girl 13 days ago

  • Vodka has killed Lord Yarkan Titan 13 days ago

  • Vodka has killed Isyutaru Titan 13 days ago

  • Uncle_Hany has killed Captain Ivy Titan 13 days ago